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Moose Espresso

Moose Espresso
Moose Espresso shines in and charges through milk!

Moose - Herbivore 

Weight – up to 700kg

Height – up to 2m without antlers. 

Algonquian Native American Indian Language

moosu – he strips off

Moose strip bark off trees to feed on 

 Moose are powerful swimmers and can swim up to 20km, reach speeds of 10km per hour and dive to 5m to feed on water plants.

From our very first backyard roast this special blend quickly became a favourite amongst family and friends!
The body of this blend comes from the Wahgi Valley, Papua New Guinea. Its bold and beautiful cocoa and citrus notes are complemented by coffee fruit grown on the slopes of Mount Meru, Tanzania, giving a lingering toffee and caramel finish.

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